Sialodacryoadenitis Virus (SDAV)

Sialodacryoadenitis (SDA Virus) is a natural occurring pathogen in rats. It is a corona virus antigenic ally related to the mouse hepatitis virus (MHV), rat corona virus (RCV), and the human corona virus OC38. Clinical disease caused by this agent alone is self-limiting and is highly infectious, You cannot treat for this disease, but immediate treatment for any … Read more

How to Care for a Rat

Rats that are domestically raised are very popular pets in many countries including Canada. They are readily available, relatively inexpensive, easy to care for and usually enjoy human handling. Rats have been used extensively in research laboratories for many years. Consequently their medical problems, many of which are inherited disorders resulting from intensive inbreeding, have … Read more

Rat Identity

A basic beginners chart that may help tell you the colours that you will most likely get out of a breeding pair.  Of course it also depends on what colour, coat and markings each parent contributes to the gene pool to know for sure what the siblings will be. Certainly there can be surprises in any … Read more